The purpose of this Association is to further the mutual interests of the users of irrigation water in San Juan County, to encourage the conservation and wise use of the water resources there in, and to support the continued use of water for agricultural production.
To present a united front on issues affecting water supply and rights.
To monitor legislation and regulations affecting this area pertaining to water.
To provide for direct input into Interstate Stream Commission meetings.
To monitor progress and plans for all water development projects in the Colorado River Basin.
To accumulate consumptive use data and other related data that reflects water rights and water use.
To establish lines of communication for water information.


Any ditch company, irrigation district or conservancy district or similar ditch on the Navajo Reservation that diverts water for irrigation from the San Juan River, Animas River, or La Plata River in San Juan County is eligible to a membership in the Association. The annual membership fee shall be $150.00.


The association shall have an annual meeting the second Tuesday in January each year.
Special meetings may be called at the request of 25% of the members of the Association representing two different areas in the county, as specified in Article V. Such requests will be made to the president of the Association in writing at least seven days before the said special meeting is to be held.
Meetings of the Association will be held in a public location that will be announced prior to each meeting.
Meetings will be conducted according to the revised Roberts Rules of Order as follows:
A. Roll Call
B. Reading of Minutes
C. Reports of Officers and Committees
D. Unfinished Business
E. New Business
F. Appointment of Tellers of Election
G. Election of Directors
H. Adjournment


Section 1. Each member ditch company shall have one vote with the exception of when the annual budget is approved. In this event, voting and assessment rates will be based on acres of water rights according to the 1948 adjudication decree. Each member shall specify their voting delegates and pay their annual dues at least 10 days before the annual meeting. Members may name an alternate delegate but not votes by proxy may be made.


Section 1: Directors
Seven directors shall be elected at the annual meeting. Directors must be owners of irrigated land. Their terms shall be staggered. Two directors will be elected for one year. Two directors will be elected for two years and three directors will be elected for three years. Their successors will be elected for a three year term. At least tow directors shall reside on the Animas River, one shall reside on the La Plata River, two shall reside on the San Juan River upstream form Farmington, and two shall reside on the San Juan River downstream from Farmington. No member of the Association shall have more than one director.
Directors will elect officers within one week after election of Board of Directors. The officers of the association shall be; President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.
Board of Directors will meet as least bi-monthly or more often if special meetings are called by the president.
The Board of Directors may appoint a director to fill a vacancy on the Board until the next annual meeting. Such Temporary directors shall be from that area from which the vacancy occurred.
Section 2: Annual Budget
The Board of Directors shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the membership at the annual meeting (see Article IV). After approval of the budget, the board shall have the discretion to manage the budget by moving funds from one line item to another within reason but shall not expend more total money than was approved by the membership.


An amendment to the By-Laws shall require 2/3 of the total vote of the Association.
Revised: March 10, 1997