Navajo Litigation – Water Owners File Brief in New Mexico Court of Appeals

After months of delay, the New Mexico Court of Appeals finally accepted a brief from the San Juan Agricultural Water Users Association and the community ditches on the San Juan and Animas Rivers.  TO READ THE BRIEF CLICK HERE  IT HAS A GOOD SUMMARY OF THE NAVAJO LITIGATION.

The brief was delayed by the Navajo Nation, the United States, and the San Juan Water Commission.  They wanted to limit the size of the brief that the community ditches could file.  The court ultimately allowed the Association to file a brief of 16,000 words, substantially more than the 11,000 words usually allowed.  The court recognized that the Navajo water claim is much more complex than a typical lawsuit.

The supporters of the Navajo settlement will be filing their answer briefs around September 8.  Then the Association will file a reply brief around September 28.  We will post all the briefs on this website.

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